DIY Golf Swing Aids

Are you looking for ways to improve your golf swing? Have you tried watching various golfing videos but nothing seems to work? Well, if you haven’t tried golf swing training aids, it’s time you did it. Here are some of the best golf swing aids that should help you accordingly.

• Soccer Ball – Get a soccer ball and place it between your forearms. When taking your swing, make sure it doesn’t fall. Repeat the trick a few times and you will improve your golf swing immediately.

• Butter Knife – Are you always thinning your chips when golfing? One reason for that might be because you’re very wristy when striking the ball. Therefore, get a butter knife (preferably dull) and place it on your wrist watch. Try hitting a few short swings with the knife in place. It’s a good way to keep your wrists firm and nice through all your swings.

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• CD Reflection – If you look at yourself when putting, it’s likely to create a straight through and backstroke. Therefore, you can do this by putting the ball on a CD and using the reflection like a mirror. Thanks for this useful item, you can always look at yourself when putting and improve your golf swing.

• Cookie – Many golfers often get nervous and tense before taking their shot. As a consequence, they produce sketchy shots. If you are looking for a way to stay loose and nice, place a cookie in your mouth and try hitting the ball. If your mouth clenches down thus breaking the cookie, you might be too tense when taking the swing.

• Flashlight – If you want to swing on the correct path, get a flashlight and hold it like a golf club. Next, you should flip it to make sure the light is facing your abdomen. Now, you can take a slow backswing. If you notice that the light is going in a straight line away from the ball, you have a good swing.

• Towel – It’s impossible to hit the ball consistently when you’re under pressure when your arms act independently from the body. Therefore, you can improve your swing by tucking a towel under both arms. When hitting the balls, make sure the towels doesn’t fall out.

• Headcover – The towel trick is useful if both of your arms are going rogue when taking a swing. However, if one of your arms is doing so, you should try using a headcover. Place it under whichever arm you prefer and keep it in place when taking a swing.

• String – Get a string and place it on the ground. One end should be by the ball while the other should be your preferable aim. Try hitting your putts. It’s a good trick to help you understand whether you’re pulling or pushing your putts. That’s because the ball might start to the left or right of the target you had set in place.

With using some of the best golf swing aids mentioned above, you should be able to improve your golf swing.