Rhino Shield Long-Term Ceramic Coverage For All Surfaces

Rhino Shield Long-Term Ceramic Coverage For All Surfaces

For homeowners, the maintenance seems never ending. For those who have the lovely look of natural wood siding, the prospect of having to sand and repaint every few years is costly, time-consuming, and in short, unbearable. There is an alternative that is superior in its ability to endure outdoor elements when compared to house paint.

Rhino Shield is well into its first decade of existence and has at this point been widely used in more than 20,000 projects. It is a long- lasting ceramic elastomeric coating that is durable, unlike traditional paint.

Superior Look And Barrier Protection

The truth is that while it is nice to cover shingles in paint, there is a compelling functional purpose to it. It is to secure the exterior of your home from weathering, which erodes away the walls, allowing leaks and water damage within the home.

A better product, Rhino Shield, does this for longer with a ceramic coat. Traditional paint is 80% water, and definitely shows wear in just a few short seasons. It does not swell and contract with the building materials. Instead, traditional paint cracks, and with the cracks, the building material becomes more vulnerable to damage.

This ceramic shield is actually effective on almost any surface. It effectively protects brick, wood, stucco, and even vinyl siding. Some have used Rhino Shield with great success to protect their shingle roofing, also known as rhino roofing.

Consider that most roofs in the United States, where the quaint old technology of asphalt shingles are still widely used have only a 20-year lifespan. This ceramic coating alone comes with a  25-year warranty against peeling, chipping, and even cracking. That warranty is closer to the lifespan of a metal roof.

If you are planning on selling your house soon, then you may be glad to learn that this material will build the re-sale value of your home. Also, the warranty actually transfers to the new homeowner. It is a definite selling point.

For one, they are saved from having to resurface the roof or the siding. Also, they get the added advantage of a wide range of colors to satisfy the most visually discerning homeowner too.

But Does It Work Against Salt Air?

People who live near the ocean are a dedicated lot who have to commit themselves to the ravages of salt air. For anyone who has had to purchase windows, the aluminum cladding has been a life saver. Well, for the rest of the house using the ceramic coating will stand up effectively against the salt air as well.

Enter this millennium, and get with the program with newer products that are available that make home ownership much easier. Enjoy a 25-year warranty and a beautiful, long-lasting finish on your home’s siding or even the roofing. Choose from a wide array of colors as well. It is much more affordable than re-painting wood or having to deal with old and uneven brick or stucco even. It is a life-changing material.

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